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Latest Trex 700e Flight Testing – Alan Szabo

March 31st, 2010 No comments

Latest Trex 700e Flight Testing with Alan Szabo

Align Trex 700e Flight Testing – Alan Szabo

March 22nd, 2010 No comments

(Flight testing footage of the Align Trex 700e expertly conducted by Alan Szabo)




Align Trex 700 Electric Spy Shots

March 22nd, 2010 No comments

(Pre-production/testing shots of the Align Trex 700e)


Trex 700 Electric FBL – Flight Test 1

March 15th, 2010 3 comments

God dam that motor sounds like it’s going to “pop”!

Align Trex 700 Electric

March 4th, 2010 No comments

Well there are plenty of rumors flying around about the Trex 700EP, there seems to be some official testing taking place, and it looks like Align have reverted to the original frame with the motor mounted below? I for one would like to see the motor mounted above for air-flow, better weight displacement and more flexibility with respect to battery configurations.

This would be another great addition to the Align family (and with soooo much power) and with battery prices becoming more favorable (particularly when imported from Hong Kong For me what makes the Trex 700e attractive more so then others, is parts availability, I can see my self acquiring one in the not to distant future.

NOTE: the bigger main gear mesh…I believe that’s a mod 1.0 gear



27-02-2010(via Google Translate)
Motor is still maintained under the assembly looks like, it seems to be replaced by motor ALIGN upload or somewhat difficult, the traditional power really so large? Along the way has always been the case, in addition to underground space has been sacrificed, the battery size or display space would be more compact, in fact no big deal! At least wait until the last people to 700E of the! Now know is that the use of electric dedicated a new side, the gear changed to a coarse tooth modulus (original is said to have also introduced the corresponding provision of the replacement engine, gear), bottom side with the changes made, so that the fixed battery easier for the rest of the GM in the current 700N. In addition, this aircraft 700E him I also saw a special design, despite the original is not yet recognized, but the body underneath the front of the locked column aluminum chassis with a T inserted two-headed structure is estimated to be negative ground, but also is the negative side such as carbon fiber through the screw and turn, this approach can be electrostatic discharge and reduce possible interference! (Purely inferred, all with original publication based) The plane, a native 700E would cause panic buying? In fact, not all, and perhaps introduce reform package does not depend on electricity side, which day tired of the oil can also be a change of aircraft.
Fang Jian who had converted electric package will unsalable? It seems the phenomenon of low-cost clearing, will be there soon!