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3D Masters 2009 – Duncan Osborne

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3D Masters 2009 –

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3D Masters 2009 – Teaser from Mikado

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3D Masters 2009 – Opener from Nowawes on Vimeo.

Before 2 days back from the 3D Masters in Spain and after 2 sleepless nights ;-), I want to introduce you some first impressions of this “MEGA SHOW” is not denied. For me as an amateur pilot and amateur videographer, this holding simply HOT! … so is the temperature. We had up to 52 degrees in the shade. My little Canon and I did survive, but not many heli … 😉

My “flying Sputendorfer colleague” and “Canyon fliers,” Martin Gottschling, occupied in the 2nd Class Experts Place – Martin Again congratulations! 😉

For more videos, photos and reports soon on:

3D Masters 2009 – Dominik Haegele Victory Flight

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3D Masters 2009 Results

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3D Masters - Spain 2009So far the coverage of the 3D Masters 2009 has been almost non-existent unlike previous years which have been well covered. I’ not sure if that is a reflection on the venue change or maybe the economic climate either way it’s a bit sad. The only coverage I’ve been able to find is a few photos from here:, all I can say is it looks very hot and dry.

Here’s some results I managed to scavenge:
Final Standings
3D Masters 2009 - Final Results

3D Masters - Day2

3D Masters - Day1