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The Year of Flybarless

January 28th, 2010 No comments

700FlybarlessThe main upgrade to consider this year of course will be going flybarless. In the long run particularly for beginners and 3D pilots flybarless is the the future for model RC helicopters. F3C pilots see flybarless systems as cheating in terms of their discipline… is it cheating or is F3C too contrived?  (that’s bound to offend someone :D)

Benefits of going flybarless include:

  • somewhere in the order of 15-20% increase in power due to less drag
  • incredible cyclic control/power
  • basic hover/flight stabilization (particularly good for beginners)
  • simpler mechanical head setup (less parts to break too)
  • more cyclic control during auto-rotations (need to be careful with this one)
  • consolidation of electronics (flight control systems)

So who are the main contenders offering FBL systems:

  • Mikado with the V-Bar 4.0 (flight control system)
  • Curtis Youngblood Total G Flybarless Controller (flight control system)
  • Skookumrobotics SK-720 Flybarless System (flight control system)
  • Align 3G Flybarless package including FBL head (non control system)

I would like to mention that the Align 3G Flybarless package has initially received some good feedback, however  given it’s a first version it’s almost certain to have bugs and “teething problems” (which will eventually be corrected).

This package from Align in my opinion is intended to be a gateway product into the world of flybarless opening up a new line of marketing for Align. This can only improve the situation for the customer in the grand  scheme of things. As many will have no doubt noticed the pricing for the 3G is very aggressively placed (and the package includes a FBL head), this can only drive prices down for competing flybarless products .