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Review: MicroHeli Trex250 Tail Upgrade

September 22nd, 2009 No comments

micro_250_tail_upgrade_box1After a few flights and tweaking with the Trex 250 it is clear the tail is not amazing. The new V2 Trex250 kits have the latest generation (2nd or 3rd I’m not sure) tail with chinese weights built into the blade grip. In theory that improves the tail dramaticlly in terms of power that is required by the tail servo. This youtube video clearly shows the theory applied and working.

With that in mind I decided to try the MicroHeli complete tail solution, which is a whole new tail box minus the tail output shaft which needs to be supplied from the original kit.

There is lots to like about this upgrade initially:

  • Zero slop in the blade grips or anywhere
  • All CNC metal
  • Blade grips have longer blade bolts and nuts to secure the baldes
  • Tail bell crank moves the tail slider from both the bottom (ball) and top (pin)
  • Quality bolts

The upgrade is so simple, the hardest part is putting the belt back on and adjusting limits on the gyro :)

There is an interesting design that uses a plastic washer/spacer which sits against the tailbox on the tail output shaft. From what I can tell stops the tail from slidder arms from inverting and binding. Obviously there is enough touque to drive the tail so full throw in that direction is not required, also the tail slider on the original Align tail has a small disc which protudes (which the MicroHeli tail does not).

MicroHeli has also decided to used mini phillips screw heads instead of hex…which by the way didn’t strip like the Align ones.




Installed MicroHeli tail upgrade #1


Installed MicroHeli tail upgrade #2


Flight Testing

The tail is very solid and I was finally able to 3D the sucker, fast inverted backwards flight seemed to hold fine. The tail did seem to oscillate a bit in strong wind, which is possibly due to my gain settings, which I’m okay with as I like my gain on the high side. Also the tail still seems to kick on full collective punches (running 100% flat curve) but shortly recovers back to its correct position, which I’m certain is due to the Align DS420 tail servo (it doesn’t effect my flying). I might try a JR DS380G (DS290G US)


Great quality with zero slop and a massive improvement over the stock Super Combo Tail, however it does come at a price. I still don’t have my overall tail setup perfect so it’s hard to know what effect the DS420 is having on the kicking (but I’m reasonably certain it’s the servo).

Rating: 7.5/10

Review: MicroHeli Trex 700 MOD 1.0 Gear Conversion

June 28th, 2009 No comments

The ultimate main gear upgrade to strength the Trex 700 drive train.