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Review: Align Pitch Gauge (K10390TA-1)

September 27th, 2009 No comments

Align Pitch Gauge (K10390TA-1)My budget pitch gauge of several years died the other day so a re-investment was needed. I opted for the “Align 300-700 Pitch Gauge”, my only reserve was whether it fitted my Radix 710SB wide chord blades. After doing a bit of research there was conflicting results as to whether it would fit, some said it did, while others said the oppersite? So purchased one and as it turns out it fits the wide chord blades, all be it very snug, which is not really a bad thing. You couldn’t however afford to go for a wider chord balde than the Radix 710SB (is there a wider blade?)

For a generic multi-purpose pitch gauge it’s great, the “pitch twist” dial is a great feature which is really good for fine adjustments, also the pitch gauge seems to be built well and relatively sturdy. It comes with a plastic insert for micro heli’s, which means the gauge can even be used on a Trex 250 (or similar size heli).

Obviously the pitch gauge has had a previous revision as you can see from the part number K10390TA-1 and on my box there was also a “V2” sticker. I can only assume the max width of the gauge was improved to allow for a wider chord blade.

Overall a good quality cheap generic tool (love the “pitch twist” feature)

Rating: 8/10

Pitch gauge with plastic insert for smaller micro heli’s

Align Pitch Gauge (K10390TA-1) with Adapter

Pitch gauge fitted on a Radix 710SB

Align Pitch Gauge (K10390TA-1) on Radix710SB