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Aurora Head Configuration

August 3rd, 2009 1 comment

Aurora upper mixing arm ball configurationI’ve been lucky enough to have owned an Aurora for over a year now and I must say it’s an amazing machine. For sometime now I’ve been running a custom head configuration based on the “Active” setup in the manual. Let just say active is truly active, which is fine on those still dead calm days but when the wind is up I find the heli a little flighty or jumpy which can be a little unnerving.

At first I attacked the problem by adding more expo but really once you get up to about 30%+ it’s just getting a little silly. I then moved to the outer hole on the flybar carrier, then finally tried the inner hole (on the flybar cage side) on the upper mixing arm. You’ll also notice that I flipped the upper mixing arm in order to give the link from the swash to upper mixing arm more clearance to minimize the possibly of binding.

Aurora flybar carrier ball configuration


Basically this an “Active” setup with the “Ultra Stable” flybar configuration which I’m finding really smooths out the flight characteristic while maintaining the edgy-ness of “Active”. Needless to say I can now drop the expo down to a more reasonable value, at the moment it around 20% but I’m sure it can go further.