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DX7 Gimbal Stick Upgrade

August 31st, 2009 No comments

JRPA143 Gimbal Stickends (DSX12)Whilst there is nothing specifically wrong with the standard DX7 gimbal sticks, they are not as sharp as I would like them, particulary after some use. I had a look around online and found some DSX12 Standard length Stick Ends (JRPA143), which are in fact the same length as the standard DX7 sticks. They were also recommended as being a stick upgrade specifically for the DX7.

I just got around to screwing the new stickends on (DX7 is not my primary radio now) and found a little bit of a problem, they don’t screw all the way down on the gimbal thread (the standard DX7 sticks do) so you end up with a stick 7mm longer than planned. Which for me is a problem as I  like my sticks ends short.

The JR sticks do come with a replacement gimbal sticks, which should be tension fitted in the plastic gimbal which is not something I really want to attempt because before you can put them in you have to “bash” the old ones out of the DX7.

The new JR stick ends are threaded from one end to the other, unlike the DX7 sticks which are thread 3/4 of the way from the top down, which allows the stick to be wound all the way down. The solution is to get a 4mm drill bit and drill approximarely 7mm out of the bottom of the stick end which will remove the thread that prevents the stick end being wound all the way down. After drilling use a M4 screw and screw from the top down to ensure the start of the remaining thread is clean, this will also help avoid cross threading. When screwing the modified stick ends on make sure there are no loose thread shavings as they will get stuck in the gimbal which is a pain.

JR stick end with new gimbal shaft inserted (this gimbal shaft was not used)

JRPA143 (DSX12 Stickend)

DX7 with new JR Stick ends

DX7 with JRPA143 (DSX12 Stick-ends)

All things considered they are great quality stick-ends and after modification they are perfect. I wouldn’t however market them as DX7 compatible unless you don’t mind really long sticks or modifying your DX7. Had I known I had to modify them first I probably wouldn’t have purchased them.