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GForce Upgrade – Aurora Metal Tail Grips

April 7th, 2010 3 comments

GForce LogoThe other weekend I had one of the plastic tail grips fail on my Avant Aurora, which is essentially the first flight failure I’ve had with the Aurora. The arm on the tail blade grip which holds the ball fatigued, cracked and the ball pulled out. Fortunately I was able to get the heli down with minimal damage.

(broken plastic tail grip)

Needless to say I’m now looking for a metal tail grip solution to replace the stock Avant plastic ones (which perform fine… they are just not durable enough IMHO). After digging around it turns out GForce maybe able to offer a solution if there is enough demand for an initial run of replacement grips. Hence a show of hand is required to get and indication of how many people would be seriously interested in a set. (yes I know Avant have some in the pipe line, but there is no indication of when that will be)

If you are interested in a set of quality metal tail grips specifically designed for the Avant Aurora please contact Garf at GForce to express your interest, his email can be found in the following thread on RunRyder:


G-Force Raptor 90 Flybarless Conversion

January 25th, 2010 No comments

gforce_fbl_1The G-Force R90 FBL conversion kit transforms any flybar based Raptor R90 into a flybarless ready flying machine.

The heart of the conversion kit is the proven G-Force tuner head that utilizes the same triple o-ring dampers like the original G-Force tuner heads. The dampening of the tuner head can be adjusted to a pilot’s liking by allowing combinations of 70 and/or 90 duro o-rings. The new FBL tuner head also uses triple mainshaft clamping like the original tuner heads, for rock solid flying and long term performance.

The G-Force R90 FBL kit includes a complete rotor head with an oversized head button and symmetrical rotor grip plates. (SE metal grips are required for the conversion kit.)
Also included in this kit is a swash driver converter, which replaces the stock washout base.

The G-Force R90 FBL conversion kit has been custom designed specifically for the Raptor R90.


REVIEW: G-Force 700N Clutch Block Kit with Engine Mounts

July 17th, 2009 No comments

Here is a great review on the new G-Force clutch block which improves the gear stripping problem:…

G-Force Clutch Block and Engine Mount