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Auto stall

August 10th, 2009 No comments

Broken Head LinksWhat an amazing weekend for flying, no wind and perfect visibility. I had a very lucky escape while Autoing, I was doing high autos with abrupt stops and they were getting progressively more and more aggressive. On my final flight I stalled and hit the deck flat on the skids of my Trex 700 much to the amazement of the club members there…I’m a born entertainer 😀 The funny thing is the only damage is a slightly bent skid which was bent from the last crash anyway and two broken main blade links, thank god I removed my head button. The main thing is the blades are fine, broken blades, broken Radix SP 710 blades, would have brought a tear to my eye. This was my get out of jail free card.


Bent Skid

Trex600EP Goes in…

July 6th, 2009 No comments

600 Main shaft - fucked It happened again last Wednesday, I dumb thumbed her in…The conditions were good, 8-10mile winds, good visibily, I did have a new transmitter which I must admit I wasn’t 100% used to.  Although I did fly all this weekend without incident so I guess I can’t used that excuse 😛

Turns out the crash damage was quite minimal, she’s fixed already minus a new set of blades. My only concern is the weight of the heli continues to increase due to more and more application of expoxy to the canopy.

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Good Day on Sunday but…

June 10th, 2009 No comments

Sunday turned out to be a good day for flying down at EMHC, I ended up getting some good piro work in. Towards the end of the day after about 5 liters of fuel I lost the heli on a high speed inverted backwards circuit. I over corrected and shaved off too much headspeed to re-correct and ended up in the long grass/hedge at the edge of the field. Fortunately the headspeed was low and grass long (thanks to the groundsman) so damage was minimised. At this point I remind myself why I invested in a Trex700, smile and order some more parts. The moral of the story is crashes happen at the end of a long day, so quite while your ahead :)

For me the moral of the story is crashes happen at the end of the day so quite while you’re ahead.

Trex 700 Crash

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