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Review: Torsion 205mm CF Blades (Trex 250)

September 15th, 2009 No comments

torsion_250_205cfAfter about 30 seconds of flight with the stock Align plastic blades it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize they are twisting under load. When the collective is pumped there is a noticeable delay in response which gives the Align plastic blades is a massively spongy feeling(not what you want on a small crazy heli).

So a blade upgrade was needed, I decided to try the Torsion 205mm straight edge blades. On initial inspection length wise the blades appeared to be slightly more flexible then the stock Align plastic blades (just an observation) however the “twisting” flex in the blade was basically nil, which is what I was interested in. Also the blades are a very tight fit when folded, this is due to being wider by the bolt hole probably in order reduce flex.

Flight testing the blade offered a marked improvement over the stock Align plastic blade. The head didn’t blog any more or less and the sponginess and collective delay was substantially reduced. Overall I’d say I’m happy with the result and would recommend the blade. The only thing is I haven’t tried the Align carbon blades so I can’t draw a comparison there.

Rating: 8/10