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Avant Aurora Clutch Bearing Replacement

July 6th, 2009 No comments

The clutch bell bearings have started  to get  quite knotchy on the Aurora (100+ flights) so I decided to replace them. It turns out only the middle bearing part: AV00-200-216 needed replacing (that’s the larger of the bearings which sits just above the pinion) which presumably takes most of the force. A tip for any one needing to replace clutch stack bearings is:

  • Drop the engine,
  • Leave the ratio plate in place but remove the clutch block bearings (x8 bearings)
  • Undo the starter coupler set screw and remove the starter shaft by sliding it down
  • Slide the top bearing block up out of the frame
  • Slide the lower bearing block and clutch-bell down out out of the frame