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Model Helicopters are NOT Toys despite what the general public may or may not think. Consider for a moment what would happen if you put your hand under a running lawn mower…it doesn’t bare to think about.

Now consider a flying lawn mower, only the blades are completely exposed, are substaintially bigger and made of composite materials including carbon fiber. And to top it all off the blades spin at an insane speed, for example a 710mm bladeĀ  (a disk size of bigger 1420mm) could be spinning at close to 2000rpm. Whatever that hits it’s going to be messy.

Here is an example of what can happen and this is considered lucky. This was and injury inflicted by a Trex 500 (430mm blades), warning this picture is a little gruesome:

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If you are considering getting into RC helicopters just remember they can be very dangerous.

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